The Neo1 platform offers a number of integration points to 3rd party applications to automate the flow of information to and from Neo1.  The list of available integrations are accessible to Administrators from the Main Menu > Settings > My Company, and are listed under 3 categories:

  • Finance Integrations
  • Purchasing Integrations
  • Banking Integrations

The below view illustrates which connectors are currently available, the list grows frequently, as additional connectors are added to the Neo1 platform.


  • to activate a connector you need to be a Neo1 Administrator
  • depending on the connector you wish to establish the process may vary 
  • you need to first have an active account established with the 3rd party you wish to connect to
  • you will require to enter specific details about 3rd party account you wish to connect to 

For detailed connection procedures please reference our detailed Guides for each 3rd party Connector:

Connecting Xero Finance

Connecting Quickbooks

Connecting Sage Accounting Online

Connecting to Amazon Business

Connecting American Express Cards