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Amazon Business is a digital store that serves millions of business customers across the world, providing the selection, convenience and fast delivery that customers love about Amazon with exclusive benefits for business. 

If you are new to Amazon Business you can sign up via the following links:

United Kingdom:  Amazon UK

United States:  Amazon US

This guide provides an overview of the steps you need to take to link your Neo1 and Amazon Business accounts. Once you have linked the accounts, Neo1 users will be able to place orders on Amazon Business via their Neo1 accounts (see our How to buy on Amazon Business via Neo1 guide for more detail). These orders will require pre-approval in Neo1 before they are fulfilled – please see the Spend Management Guide to learn more about how you can manage approval workflows via Neo1.


Please note that the steps listed below can only be completed by users who have administrator roles in both their Amazon Business and Neo1 accounts.

Step 1: Create a Punchout Group in Amazon Business 

It is best practice to create a new Punchout Group in Amazon Business which you can then use to integrate to Neo1. This ensures you can manage all users who have access to Amazon Business via Neo1 together and apply both purchasing and payment policies quickly.

This step is optional, and to work without Punchout Groups please skip to Step 4.

1.1 Click on the dropdown next to the shopping cart under your username to reveal Account Details, and Select Business Settings:



1.2 Once you are on the Business Settings page, find the Members section and click on Groups



1.3 Select Add Group.



1.4 Add a Group name of your choice and select the following:

  • Delivery addresses: please select ‘Individual Addresses’. Addresses are managed via Neo1 as part of the punchout buying process. Please refer to Managing Delivery Addresses for more detail on how to set up delivery addresses, including delivering to home.
  • Payment methods: you can opt to select ‘Shared Payment Methods’ if you would like all users to use the same payment method, or ‘Individual Payment Methods’ if you want employees to provide their own. Please refer to Step 2 below on how to set up shared payment methods.



1.5 Click on Add Group at the bottom (see figure above) to create Punchout Group. The Group will now appear.

Step 2: Add Shared Payment Method to the Punchout Group (Optional)

If you selected ‘Shared Payment Method’ in step 1.4 above, follow the steps below to set up the preferred payment method to be used for the Punchout Group.


2.1 Select the Group you just created

2.2 Click on ‘Payment Methods’ under the ‘Billing & Delivery’ section.

2.3 You have the option to pay for purchases with a line of credit (Pay by Invoice), or you can add a card of your choice. Your account is automatically assessed for Pay by Invoice when you sign up for Amazon Business and if approved this option will appear.



Click Add a Card to add a new shared card, which all users can use for Amazon Purchases. 

Step 3: Add an Administrator to the Punchout Group

3.1 Select the Group you just create


3.2 Select ‘Add an admin’ in the Group admins section next to Billing & Delivery



3.3 Enter the Amazon Business email address of at least one user who will be a Group Admin. Select ‘Add’ once you are done.


Step 4: Add Neo1 as your purchasing system

When you have your account and optional punchout group all set up, or if you are already an Amazon Business customer, log into Amazon with your Amazon administrator account. It is important that you log in with a user with the Administrator role. 

4.1 Click on the dropdown next to the shopping cart under your username to reveal Account Details, and Select Business Settings:

4.2. In your Punchout Group, go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Configure purchasing system’ in the System Integrations section.


4.3 On the next screen you will have a search window to find your purchasing system. Here you type Neo1, and select Neo1 from the drop down:

4.4 A System Login and Password are automatically created. These details are secret to your company. Click Save

Tip: Your window will include text under System Login and Password, which is secret to your setup. 

Don't worry, you don't need to use this yet. Just click Save.

4.5 Once you’ve clicked save, you will be presented with a list of four unique credentials, including “From Identity” in cXML, “Shared Secret” in cXML, Punchout URL, and Punchout order request URL

You will need these credentials when you complete Step 6 below – you can come back to this page or choose to email them. 

4.6 On the right of your screen, click ‘Switch to Active mode’ to change your Punchout account status to active. The Status needs to be active to allow purchase orders to be placed using Neo1 (and once you’ve completed the final Step 6 below). 


If you selected ‘Shared Payment Methods’ in step 1.4, you will be prompted to select the payment method you want to use for the Punchout Group.

Step 5: Add the Purchasing System credentials in Neo1 to complete configuration

To finish, you need to input these four unique credentials into Neo1. Log into Neo1 with your Administrator account.

5.1 Click the Settings button in the top right hand corner. Choose Connect to Amazon Business.

5.2 Copy and Paste the four unique credentials from Amazon Business (see step 4.5) into the matching fields within Neo1:

5.3 Click on Done when all fields have been pasted.

5.4 To validate, once you click Done your settings page should display as below:

Tip: If you get an error, please double check you have copied each field correctly.

5.5 All Neo1 users will now be able to click ‘Shop with Amazon’ in the Purchase dashboard. Click Purchase and select Shop to be routed to Amazon Business to begin your shopping experience! For more guidance please see our ‘How to buy on Amazon Business via Neo1’ help page.

Next Steps: Now that you have connected to Amazon Business, check out this article -  How to buy on Amazon Business through Neo1