Traveler’s schedules are constantly in flux, you need to empower them with a flexible tool that alerts them of travel disruptions and helps thee while on-the-go.

As part of Neo1, travelers also have access to the Amex GBT Mobile app which provides travel booking, trip itineraries and updates and access to Travel Counsellors in a single click on Apple iOS and Android platforms free of charge.

A Single Itinerary:

Air, hotel, car, rail, and ground transportation bookings—all viewable in one united itinerary that automatically updates.

Air, hotel, car, rail, and ground transporta

Duty of Care:

When disruptions happen, know where your travelers are with Expert Care and help them get on their way with Proactive Traveler Care.

Getting Access:

Download the Amex GBT Mobile app from the App Store or Play Store. Once downloaded, go through new new account signup process ensuring you use your business email address (this is how we link to your travel profile)

Open the app, select Create Account

select, continue

Complete the fields

(use your Neo1 account email)

An email will be sent to 

verify your account 

verify your email 

 login into the Amex GBT mobile app with the username you chose

From the home screen, select

book your travel

you will be prompted to 

scan a QR code

To enable travel booking you need to read a QR code from the screen from within Neo1. 

To find your QR code:

Login to Neo1, from the left hand menu click Travel and Book. Click Save and go to travel.

Then Click HOME on the top menu. 

Then, on the desktop of the travel booking platform you will see a tile for Mobile App.

Click this, and click on Activate a New Device

You will be shown a QR code. Within the Amex GBT Mobile app, click on Book your travel. Scan the QR code with your mobile camera and click Activate Account.

You can now book travel on GBT Mobile!