Audience: Neo1 Admin


In this article, let's explore the available user roles. There are 5 roles that can be assigned to a User profile.  If no roles are assigned to a user profile, then they will have standard user access.



The Supervisor to a user profile is a 1:1 set-up. One Supervisor can be assigned to one user profile. Once assigned, the Supervisor will approve for that user in 3 areas:

  1. All requests to purchase through Amazon Business 
  2. All expenses submitted for reimbursement (Spend management)
  3. All requests to book travel (only if pre-trip approval is set-up.  If the company does not require approval for trips booked through Neo1 then, the Supervisor will only receive an email notification when a trip is booked for the user they are assigned against)

How does a user get the Supervisor role? Once a user is added as the Supervisor against another user's profile, they are auto assigned the Supervisor role. 


Super user access, can perform all tasks and have access to the settings tab. Only the Admin role can create new users and access the company settings. This role can be assigned to multiple users. 


User's with this role can arrange (book) travel on behalf of another user profile. By default, Admins have the Arranger role.  If you do not wish to grant Admin access to a user but, you do want them to book travel for others, then assign the Arranger role. This role can be assigned to multiple users. 

Note: The Arranger role cannot create a new user profile or assign a shared company card. They can only book travel on behalf of themselves or, another user. 


User's with the Finance role gain access to the finance audit approval stage of the workflow, and the reconciliation functionality to process spend and extract this to finance system. Finance users can also run reports for the whole organization. This role can be assigned to multiple users. 

Travel Host

Users with this role can create a guest profile and book travel on their behalf.  Travel booked for a guest will not show up in the company reporting (a guest profile is not an employee user profile).  This Guest function is used when travel needs to be booked for non-employees such as spouse/family, clients, job candidates etc. 

Tip: Both the Admin and Arranger roles inherit this function automatically.

Next Steps: Now that you are familiar with the user roles, see this guide to setup new users or this guide to manage existing user profiles