Audience: Neo1 Admins


As a Neo1 Admin user, you can complete a user's personal profile for another user. You can add/modify the following details:

  • Personal Information (Date of birth and Phone number, required to use virtual Cards in Neo1)
  • Address (Important when booking Rail and required to use virtual Cards in Neo1)
  • Travel Documents (Passport number, Known Traveler Number, Redress Control Number and Driver's License Number)
  • Loyalty Numbers (Car hire, Air, Hotels and Train)
  • Payment Methods
  • Vehicles (Add a vehicle when the user need to claim mileage in Spend)



Login as the user (using your Admin access)

You have two options to log as a user. You can quick login under your initials or log as under settings.

    Quick log as another user 

Step 1: Log into Neo1

Step 2: Click on your initials in the top right hand corner 

Step 3: Click on Log as another user 

Step 4: Choose the user you wish to log as

Step 5: Click Confirm 

Login under Settings

Step 1: Log into Neo1

Step 2: Click on Settings button in the menu-bar on the right-hand side

Step 3: Click on Users 

Step 4: Hover your mouse over the line of the user and click on the Key symbol on the right hand-side.

This will take you to the dashboard of the user you have selected

Update the User's Travel Profile 

Add Date of Birth, Phone number, Address, Loyalty programs, Travel documents, Payment Methods and vehicles

Step 1: click on the Initial logo on the top right hand-side

Step 2: A menu will open. This is where you can choose which subject you want to update

Step 3: Once you clicked on the subject you want to update, you will be able to navigate to the other subjects on the top of the page

Return to your own dashboard

Once you are done, log out of the user's profile and return to your own Admin profile

Step 1: Click on the Initial Logo on the top righthand-side

Step 2: Click on Quit Log As. This will take you back to your own profile