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In this article, we will cover how to duplicate a trip. Duplicating a trip is a quick and easy way to book the same itinerary for a different traveler without having the go through the entire booking process again.

Step 1: Create the itinerary for a traveler and Book, Save or Hold(if possible) the itinerary or open an existing itinerary that you want to duplicate.

See the guides below how to book a flight, hotel and/or car rental.

How to book a Flight

How to book an Hotel

How to book a Car Rental

Step 2: Once the itinerary is created, click Book, Save or Hold (if possible) 

Step 3: Once the itinerary is booked, saved or on hold, click Duplicate

Step 4: Type the name of the traveler you want to book the same itinerary for. (Travel has to be a saved user in Neo1)

Step 5: The itinerary is duplicated for the selected traveler. You can see the name of the new traveler in the top right hand-side. 

Now you can Book, Save or Hold the itinerary.