Review the below instructions on how to update your traveler profile (this needs to be completed prior to booking any travel)

1. Log into Neo1 (

2. Select your initials on the top-left hand corner. This will open your personal profile 

3. Complete the information on each tab that relates to travel:

  • Personal Information - add your DOB and phone number (IMPORTANT: your name should match your legal name. Contact your company Administrator if you need to change your name. Only an Admin can edit a user's name)
  • Travel documents - add your state issued I.D., passport, known traveler number etc.
  • Loyalty Programs - add your personal Car, Air, Hotel or Train loyalty programs.
  • Payment Methods - add a card to pay for travel.  If your company uses a centralized card to pay for travel - you will either see the card listed here or, you may need to ask your Admin to add the company card to your profile. Don't forget to select "use this card for travel" to make it available when booking a trip.

The following tabs are related to either Spend (expense) set-up or Amazon Business

  • Address - used for Amazon Business, ship to a home or alternate address
  • Vehicles - used with the Spend module of Neo1 - add a vehicle for claiming reimbursement for personal care mileage 

The following tabs are general set-up and account delegation

  • Integrations - connect Slack to receive notifications from Neo1
  • Delegations - add a delegate to your account or, access another user's account if you are set as their delegate

For any questions or help needed, email