Audience: Neo1 Admin | Primary Corporate Card Holder 


Corporate card integration allows you to automate a transaction feed from your card issuer (bank) directly into Neo1, effectively simplifying the expense justification process. 

In order to automate card transaction feeds, we must work with the card issuer to release that data into Neo1 for consumption. At this time, there are a number of card programs that are supported for automated feeds, to include Amex Corporate cards. 

If you are an Amex Business Card holder and interested in Card feed connection, please see this guide.


Connecting to Amex Corporate Cards

For Corporate Card participants, please see steps below. 

Step 1: Login to the American Express @Work portal

Step 2: Locate your Card Identification Number (CID) and Basic Control Account Number (BCA). If you have multiple BCA's, then please make note of all BCA's that you wish to include in your card integration request. Once located, you will be ready to complete the next step. 

Step 3: See attached (bottom of article) Global Data Transfer Form (GDTF) and GDTF guide. Complete the form as instructed within the guide. This form gives Neo1 permission to consume your data within the platform. Failure to complete the file as directed will result in integration delays. 

Step 4: See attached (bottom of article) CFE EMEA implementation form. Completion of this form will ensure we have the correct company and card details for your card integration request. 

4a: Complete section A by providing company and contact details. 

4b: Complete section E by providing market, CID and BCA information. 

Step 5: Sign and return both documents to Be sure to return all pages. Along with these documents, please provide your desired data start date. This start date will determine which transactions are included in the file. For example, you may want data to begin from the 1st of the current month or 1st of the upcoming month to align with your reconciliation cycle.  

Tip: If you have challenges identifying your BCA or CID information, please reach out to an Amex account representative for assistance. 

 Connecting to non-Amex Cards

Please email your request for card setup to and include your card issuer (bank) name in the request. We will confirm if there is a current integration for that provider. If an integration is not in place, we will provide details for next steps. 

Next Steps: Once your card feed integration is finalized, you will be ready to map connected cards to users.