Audience: All Neo1 Users


Now that your budget is approved, you are ready to begin tagging transactions against the budget and tracking the budget spend.Working with budgets allows you to speed up the reconciliation process. When you tag a transaction to a budget, you bypass the supervisor approval process, as the budget grants pre-approval. 



Tagging transactions to a Budget  

When working with a transaction, you can click the Budget drop-down to reveal the active budgets available to you. 

When submitting this transaction:

  • If the value of the transaction is within the available budget, the transaction will be automatically post-approved and routed to finance for review. 

  • If the value of the transaction is higher than the amount available within the budget, or the transaction breaches an established spend policy, the transaction will be tagged against the budget, however, post-approval will still be required.

Tracking spend against a Budget

You can track spend against a budget from the Budgets module. You can click View (to the far right of each budget) for more information and to view the transactions that have been tagged against the budget.