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In this article we will cover the use of groups within spend management. 


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Understanding Groups

When creating a transaction, you are presented with the option to create or select a "group" within the available fields of data for the submission. A group label may be a specific trip, conference, client name etc. Assigning a group will allow you to later sort by that group name within your Neo1 expense list, and within the spend reporting. 

Creating and Using Groups

Step 1: Start by following the guide for manually creating a transaction or submitting a transaction from your card feed. Within the group field, you are able to create a new group entry or select from an existing group label. 

Step 2: When your submission is complete, save and submit, as appropriate. 

Step 3: On the spend screen, you can now sort your transaction by group label. 

When building a report, you can also choose to include Group within your data source.