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Setting a Default Coding Source occurs within the segment creation.

This functionality allows you to define which Neo1 element decides which default elements to use when a user is managing a transaction. Setting this up drastically improves the user experience and ensures that the correct coding is applied to transactions. 


Available coding sources

  • Budget - Used when users request a budget and complete the optional coding. We recommend this is set as source number 1. 

  • Expense Type - Used when a user selects an expense type, and is typically used to hard code the aligning Account/PL/Nominal code so that the selection is automated. For example, select "Accommodation" as an expense type and the "Hotel/Travel Account" code from the finance system is used.

  • User - Driven from the user profile settings. This is used for coding which is driven by the employee, such as their default cost centre, department, or if they only work on a single client or project. 

Default coding source configuration suggestion based on popular segment types  

How to add a default coding source to a segment 

Setting a Default Coding Source occurs within the segment creation

Step 1: You can add the default coding source by hovering your mouse over the line of the segment and click on Edit (pencil icon) 

Step 2: Click on the dropdown under Default coding sources.

Step 3: Select the #1 coding source

Step 4: If applicable select the second coding source

Step 5: Click on Confirm

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