Audience:  All Neo1 Users


By adding your loyalty program directly into Neo1, it syncs with the airline website or mobile app, allowing you to use the airline app for flight check-ins or trip viewing

To view your trip on the airline's website, initiate the process by adding your loyalty number and/or KTN to your Neo1 user profile. This information will then sync to the airline website.If a sync delay occurs. you can directly add your trip to the airline website/mobile app by finding the trip booking reference in Neo1.

Reminder: Trip modifications can only be made in Neo1, as it is the primary booking source.

To locate the airline booking reference in Neo1, follow steps below:


Where to find the airline reference in Neo1

Step 1: Go to Travel to open your trip list

(if you are a Neo1 Admin or Arranger you can open the business’s trips on the top right hand-side)

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the line of the trip and click on View (eyeball icon)

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Step 3: Click on the flight segment to open the itinerary details for the flight

                    You will find the airline reference under Confirmation number

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