Audience: Neo1 Users


In this guide, let's walk through the actionable steps to be taken by Neo1 end users who intend to be issued a virtual Card. To ensure the card can be issued successfully from the bank, and a line of funding can be granted, the below mandatory information needs to be captured in the user's profile: 

  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Personal home address


Adding mandatory information into your user profile

Step 1: Log into Neo1

Step 2: Click on your initials on the top right hand-side

Step 3: A menu will open. Click on the subject you want to update

Step 4:Once you click the profile field you desire to update, you will be able to navigate to the other fields on the top of the page 

Step 5: Click on Home on the menu-bar on the right hand-side to return to your dashboard

Tip: Its a great idea to ensure all of your profile is complete so you are ready to also travel. 

Feel free to add your loyalty programs, IDs so these are automatically included in any future bookings.  

Next Steps: Viewing your virtual Card in Neo1