We are pleased to announce the latest changes to Neo1.  Our aim is to keep improving everything we do to provide a great experience to our customers, as always all feedback is welcome, simply contact us at help@neo1.com.


Other updates 


  • Spend - Delete transactions in "Justify" status

Admin and finance users are now able to securely remove transactions in an Authorize/Jusitfy status from the Neo1 expense workflow.


Who will benefit from this feature? All businesses (US and UK) can take advantage of this feature and is accessible by users with Admin and Finance roles.  The feature was built to allow for non-business expenses, paid for on a connected business card to be safely removed from the Neo1 expense workflow.

To access this feature, users with Admin and Finance roles simply navigate to <Authorize> <Spend> and select the status of <Justify>.  From here select the transaction line and <delete>.  The user will be asked to specifically type and match the font DELETE TRANSACTION and then <confirm> the action.


  • Virtual Cards - Enhanced notifications for Funding Approvers when a spend control threshold has been reached

To help businesses and Funding Approvers manage virtual Card spend, Neo1 offers the ability to establish a visual spend control (not a hard spending limit).  This visual spend control if reached will now automatically trigger an email to the Funding Approver, helping keep on top of all spend activities across the virtual Card program.

Who will benefit from this feature?  Funding Approvers for US Businesses, who have enrolled in the virtual Card capability.

  • Increase the duration of Neo1 sessions

The duration of a Neo1 user session has been increased to support the undertaking of more complex tasks.

Who will benefit from this feature?  All Businesses and all users.

Other updates: 

  1. Improvements:

    • To save time all newly created users will automatically inherit the company currency as part of their profile.
    • To streamline navigation when approvers click on the <Authorize> menu, they will be automatically redirected to the first transaction view that requires their attention.
    • Mileage waypoints can now be saved within the mileage transaction.
  2. Fixes:

Version Issue ID DescriptionUsers Impacted
24.01.10DEV-7318Budgets that include the funding of a virtual Card will activate the linked virtual Card even if not yet approved.All users of US businesses enrolled in the virtual Cards program
24.01.10DEV-7413Extracted transaction receipt URLs are now accurate and included in all extract files.All businesses (US and UK)
Users that have been deactivated are now removed from views such as authorization (payment method authorization, virtual card authorization)All businesses with applicable modules activated (US and UK)