We are pleased to announce the latest changes to Neo1.  Our aim is to keep improving everything we do to provide a great experience to our customers, as always any and all feedback is welcome, simply contact us at help@neo1.com.



  • Virtual Cards: Disconnect a funding card and reconnect a new one

Disconnecting and reconnecting Virtual Cards services allows for better financial management. Businesses can switch between different AMEX cards based on factors such as rewards programs, interest rates, or financial incentives.

Overall, the introduction of this feature could positively impact US businesses enrolled in the AMEX Virtual Cards program by offering greater flexibility, control, and efficiency in managing their virtual card transactions.  

  • Log as layout changes

This feature will help Admin users, when logged as another user, to easily navigate between business users. 

Impact: Admin users for both US and UK businesses.

  • Reconciliation screen layout update

The new reconciliation screen will provide administrators and finance users with improved clarity and comprehension. 

Impact: Admin and finance users for both US and UK businesses

Other updates:

  1. Improvements:

    • Auto-save feature for Spend transactions. 
  2. Fixes

Version Issue ID DescriptionUsers Impacted
24.02.11DEV-7741Under cetain conditions, two virtual cards can be issued for a userUS businesses users
24.02.12DEV-7771Unable to create a new virtual budget US businesses users